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Product Name Rice bran,Brown rice,Irinuka,Nukazukenomoto,soybean flour,Utimame,Kinakonejiri
Export Contact Naoei Nagasaki
Roasting rice bran 850g
Our"roasting rice bran"is made with fresh rice bran. We mainly use it as seasoning vegetables in salted rice-bran paste. "Vegetable seasoned in salted rice-bran paste"are one of the piekles representing Japan. We picked food in the salted rice-bran paste which we let rice bran make lactic fermentation. The cooking method puts cooled hot water, salt in roasting rice bran and makes salted rice- bran paste.
Healthy seasoning vegetables in salted rice-bran paste 700g
Our"Healthy vegetables pickled in salted rice-bran paste" is very convenient, because a bag becomes the container of the salted rice-bran paste. The cooking method pours cooled hot water into it and makes salted rice-bran paste. It is completed when you put food in this salted rice-bran paste and pickle it.
Soybean flour twist 150g
The soybean flour twist is made of soybeans. This is Japanese sweet. We make fresh soybean flour from a soybean each production and work out soybean flour twist with starch syrup not to spoil the flavor of the soybean and the great deal of effort can be crowed and twists one by hand. The raw materials do not use the coloring agent with soybeans from Ishikawa.
Pounded soybeans 50g
Pounded soybeans are traditional preservation food. It is mainly made in heavy snowfall areas such as the Sea of Japan aide. The cooking method flushes pounded soybeans once and makes boiling in water for 10 minutes. We eat it putting in food boiled of brown alga and the miso soup. Our pounded soybeans use soybeans from Ishikawa.


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