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Product Name healthy drink vinegar,seasoning,japanese nuocmum,extract,rosewater,fruit-juice powder.etc
Export Contact Masayuki Tamaru
Company Information Our company establishes in 1963, and becomes year 49 in this year.
Our company widely handles, and is selling the raw material, the seasoning, the food additive, the wrapping materials, and the food hygiene materials etc. of the processed food.
Additionally, we possess the research and development room, and help a project of the product and a variety of problem solutions concerning food including development.
Furthermore, I repeat test marketing with a health-conscious and delicious seasoning and the beverage of house brand "Konzerthaus" and perform it.
As a result, not only the retail store route but also diversified sales routes of the mail order, the web selling, the home delivery, health food, the whole food, the joint purchase, and the occupation sales, etc. are constructed.
Product Information The article to introduce is our best work "Berry & red vinegar" "Honey & black vinegar" this time.
Drinking vinegar became the boom while the healthy intention rises in Japan, but settles as basic goods not a transient thing now.
It is said that the vinegar has functionality to be good for health.
You must take in large amount of quantity to some extent to get this functionality.
There was such a background in Japan, and vinegar became standard as an indispensable food for the health maintenance only as no seasoning.
(1) Berry & Red vinegar
-An elegant fragrance and harmony of the refined acidity.
-"Red vinegar" : The red vinegar which fermented and made purple potato made in Miyazaki prefecture carefully for 4 months.
-"Boysenberry" : Boysenberry is popular in Europe and America, and scarcity value is high, and fruity sweet and sour and functionality are the feature.
-Boysenberry contains anthocyanin six times the blueberry.(675mg/100g)
-Boysenberry effective if it thinks about the health of eyes.
-Because it is 5 times dilution type, I have you use it for the accent of cooking and the making of cake not only you drink.
(2) Honey & black vinegar
-More delicious, more quaffable black vinegar
-"Black vinegar of the barley" : Much of other company goods uses black vinegar of rice, but the mild flavor is the feature for black vinegar of barley.
-"Acacia honey" : It's called "queen of honey" by the elegant taste and the abundant flavor.
-Because it is 5 times dilution type, I have you use it for the accent of cooking and the making of cake not only you drink.


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