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Yubeshi Souhonke Nakauraya Co.,Ltd.

4-97 Waichi,kawaimachi,Wajima,Ishikawa 928-0001 JAPAN
TEL.011-81-768-22-0131 FAX.011-81-768-22-8601

President-director Masakatsu NAKAURA
Product Name Maru-Yubeshi
Contact Masakatsu NAKAURA
Company Information Established in 1910 as a neighborhood sweet shop, Nakauraya reached its 100th anniversary.
We are located in Wajima, a city that has prospered from the traditional lacquerware industry. We produce traditional sweets called Maru-Yubeshi and also offer confections made with yuzu as well as other seasonal delicacies.
Wajima's famous sweet, Maru-Yubeshi, represents hundreds of years of traditional production. The inner contents of fall-harvested yuzu are carefully removed, leaving only the outer peel. This is then stuffed with seasoned mochi (glutinous rice flour) and steamed in a seiro (steaming basket). Then in the traditional manner, the Maru-Yubeshi is left to dry naturally until it turns into a lustrous amber-orange color. This laborious, diligently executed process takes about six months; therefore the precious Maru-Yubeshi can only be produced once yearly.

Appraised as an art form for its beautiful amber color, yuzu scent, refined sweetness and delicious hint of bitterness, Nakauraya's Maru-Yubeshi is beloved by many.

Maru-Yubeshi is often enjoyed with tea and as an ingredient in Japanese dishes. It has recently made its way into Western cuisine.
This is a soft-drink blend of yuzu juice and honey. Please dilute it with five parts cold or hot water to one part Yuzuka. You can also use alcoholic beverages such as shochu or sake instead of water.


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