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Toho Shokuhin Co.,Ltd.

Ne-84 Atakashinmachi Komatsu-city,Ishikawa,Japan 920-0995
TEL.011-81-761-23-2456 FAX.011-81-761-23-2257

Product Name Sauce,Dressing,Flarored sesame seasoning Pickled shallots
President Akiko Igarashi
Export Contact Naoko Tanaka
Company Information Toho Shokuhin is a food product manufacturer established in 1986 that specializes in liquid-based seasonings. For both commercial and personal use,these seasonings include different types of tsuyu dipping sauce,dressings,sauces for grilling,and kimchi flavoring. In addition to producing liquid seasonings, TohoShokuhin also offers a broad range of dry seasonings and preserved products such as flavored seasame seasoning, presered nori,pickled shallots, and pickled garlic.
Product Information By adding various ingredients to seasame, TohoShokuhin has created savory new flavors that can enhance the aroma of any dish simply with a sprinkle. TohoShokuhin offers six unique sesame flavors:yuzu,wasabi,soy sauce.ume(sour plum),garlic and kimchi.
(1)YUZU flavored sesame seasoning
Roasted sesame,amino extract, yuzu juice,sugar,salt, flavoring(amino acid etc.),spices,artificial coloring(annatto) (Contains soybeans).
(2)WASABI flavored sesame seasoning
Roasted sesame,salt, sugar,powder chlorella,flavoring(amino acid etc) ,ringed oligosaccharide,chemical sourness, WASABI flavor.
(3)SOY SAUCE flavored sesame seasoning
Roasted sesame,soy sauce,sugar,salt, flavoring(amino acid etc. ),caramel coloring.(Contains wheat and soybeans).
(4)UME flavored sesame seasoning
Roasted sesame,salt,saccharides(sugar,oligosaccharides),bonito extract, fermented seasoning,UME puree(by KISHU),RAKANKA extract,flavoring(amino acid etc.),citric acid, beefsteak plant flavor, red japanese radish coloring.
(5)GARLIC flavored sesame seasoning
Roasted sesame,powdered garlic,black peper,sugar,salt, flavoring(amino acid etc.).(Contains soybeans).
(6)KIMCHI flavored sesame seasoning
Roasted sesame, suger, garlic, salt, soy sauce, amino extract, red pepper,bonito extract, flavoring(amino acid etc.),paprika coloring,chemical sourness.(Contains wheat and soybeans).
Flavored seseme seasoning Available Flavors:YUZU,WASABI,SOY SAUCE,UME,GARLIC,KIMCHI
Product Size:35.27 oz.(1,000g)Price:$250 per Case, $25 ea
(YUZU,WASABI $290per Case,$29 ea)
Shelf life:180days


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