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Yoshida Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.

41 Yasuyoshi-machi Hakusan-city,Ishikawa,Japan 924-0843
TEL.011-81-76-276-3311 FAX.011-81-76-276-3378

Product Name SAKE(tedorigawa)
President Ryuichi Yoshida
Export Contact Yukari Shintani
Company Information Yoshida Sake Brewery was founded in 1870 in the Hokuriku region,one of the best-known rice producing areas of Japan. The brewery owes its long history of quality sake manefacturing from the local rice and superior water from Mount Hakusan. For over 140 years,Yoshida sake has been a favorite of locals and people all over Japan.
(1)Tedorigawa Iki Na Onna
Clean and balanced,with a caress of wild honey on the other.lki na Onna is a classy, confident sake brewed in very limited amounts for the Associatin of Lady Sake Retailers.
ingredients:Subetrranean-flowing water,Yamadanishiki rice,House yeast
How to use: With its clean bite and svelte taste, Iki Na Onna evokes crisp chardonnay. Serve it chilled with flank steak,charcoal-grilled fish or a hearty Caesar salad.
(2)Tedorigawa yamahai Daiginjo
Contains a powerful imprint of honey and herbs at first sip, segueing mid-range into a sake of surprising clarity. No other Yamahai Daiginjo sake brewed in Japan taster this way:supple,racy and eminently drinkable over long periods of taime.
ingredients:Subterranean-flowing water.Yamadanishiki rice,500 Mangoku rice,House yeast
How to use: Best with cold dishes that combine meat or fish with vegetables,such as Thai beef salad or Salad Nicoise.
(3)Tedorigawa Kinka "Kanazawa style"
Clean and full taste,with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity overlaying a delicate fruitiness. Like plum blossoms at winter's end,Kinka is vivid and poised in the elegant "Kanazawa style"
ingredients:Subterranean-flowing water.Yamadanishiki rice,500 Mangoku rice,House yeast
How to use: Tedorigawa Kinka is the perfect companion for a night out at the sushi bar. It is the perfect complement to the delicate flavors of fresh sashimi, while staunchly supporting nigiri choices like anago,mirugai and uni


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