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Hokuriku Confectionery,ltd.

2-290-1 Oshino Kanazawa-city,Ishikawa,Japan 921-8056
TEL.011-81-76-243-1000 FAX.011-81-76-244-6686
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Product Name BISCUITS
Company Information We are a confectionery company located in kanazawa-city,Japan.
Establlished 1918, Hokuriku Confectionery has been boing o long history of 92years. We are mainly prpducing Biscuits and Rice Crackers. We produce 3 different types of crackers in 3 individual product lines using 3 different materials(wheat flour,rice flour ond potato starch). We are aiso one of 5 major producers in kjapan providing nonperishable biscuits for emergencies. For some years,we feature Finland's "NOOMIN" character. Our MOOMIN biscuits are very popular in the current market.
First introduced in 1978 as the "Chance", this biscuit is delicious and does not use any starch filler. The all natural ingredients are mixed together and baked slowly in an iron oven to seal in the flavors. This "HARD BISCUIT" is a very healthy wheat based treat that will bring a smil to everyone's face.
KANPAN is a nonperishable biscuit that can be stored for up to 1 years. In Japan, it is often stored by government offices, schools and companies for use in case of an emergency.
Finland born Moomin is well known for its warm character in worldwide. as well as former fans who enjoyed TV animation series.
For several years, we produce and sell MOOMIN VALLEY biscuit series.
That is the reason why we release all new Moomin Figure biscuit now.The concept for this MOOMIN'S TEATIME is ´THIMBLE´.Thimble is a small cup shape tool used for hand sawing. Also thimble has been a collection item in Europe on its long history.
Japan leading figure company ´KAIYODO´ produces warm atmosphere of Moomin.Enjoy playing them as finger puppets, and collect them all !


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