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Yamato Soysauce & Miso Co., Ltd

4-E-170 Oonomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa,Japan 920-0331
TEL.011-81-76-268-1248 FAX.011-81-76-268-1242
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Company Information Since 1911 Yamato has been committed to producing only the finest products in the traditional manner. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products that are both nourishing and healthy.
Product Information Each of our products are produced with the highest quality natural ingredients and the utmost care. We are confident that once you have tasted our products you will agree that they are the finest products available.
(1)'He-She-Ho' Raw Soy Sauce 180ml (18 months)
We create our Raw Soy by using our proprietary, century old fermentation process passed down through generations. By fermenting in handcrafted wooden barrels our Raw Soy develops a rich aroma, deep red color and enticing flavor, like that of a wine producer creating a fine wine.
(2)Yuzu Ponzu 180ml (18 months)
Produced with plenty of natural yuzu citrus juice which gives it a rich aroma and refreshing taste. Enjoy with grilled meat, fish or vegetables. Or as a non-oil salad dressing. A mild taste of sea-salt emphasizes the citrus flavor. This is a yuzu flavored rich ponzu without soy-sauce.
(3)Sesame Dressing 180ml (18 months)
We made the most of what sesame has, its simple and natural flavor. As a subtle touch, we added miso and fish sauce. Enjoy the richness and mildness of the taste. It's good on salad or cold shabu-shabu.
(4)Wasabi Soy 180ml (18 months)
Enjoy the fresh pungent hot wasabi aroma and taste. Good for grilled fish and beef-steak, adds a herbaceous zing to your dish.
(5)Organic 'Kanae' Miso 500g (12 months)
A high quality Miso that goes well with the taste of seasonal food and fish. It also dissolves well in soup stock. Curiously, the flavor is not altered when boiled again. So you can enjoy the soup again the next day.
(6)Freeze Dry Miso Soup Eggplant 10g (12 months)
Made from authentic soup stock of a combination of dried bonito and kombu. Layered with eggplant, spring onion and fried tofu. Just add hot water and enjoy!
(7)Freeze Dry Miso Soup Spinach 8g (12 months)
Made from authentic soup stock of a combination of dried bonito and kombu. Layered with spinach, fried tofu and a hint of onion. Just add hot water and enjoy!
(8)Freeze Dry Miso Soup Nori 9.2g (12 months)
This miso soup is made from Yamato's Organic Miso with nori. No animal derived ingredients! Note: Monstroma nitidum wittrock is a kind of green seaweed and porphyra yezoensis is one of the most popular kinds of seaweeds, used as a daily ingredient in Japanese home cooking.


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