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Shata Shuzo Co.,Ltd president Toshihiro Shata
Product Name TENGUMAI Yamahai-jikomi Junmai-shu
TENGUMAI Yamahai-Junmai Daiginjo
Export Contact Issei Shata
Company Information Shata Shuzo was founded in 1823 late in the Edo Period. The present head of the family is the seventh since the time of foundation. When it was founded, it was surrounded by dense forest, and it looked as if Tengu, an uncanny creature in Japanese folklore seen as a guardian of mountains, was living in the forest.
The name "Tengumai" (dancing Tengu)comes from the idea that even a mysterious Tengu would feel like dancing after drinking this sake.
Ever since then, the Shata family has continued to make this sake in the beautiful countryside.
(1)TENGUMAI Yamahai-jikomi Junmai-shu
Rice brand: Gohyakuman-goku Polished rate:60%
Serving temperature: cold to heated (45℃)

This is regarded almost as a synonym for the best Junmai type sake made using the Yamahai-jikomi method in Japan. It is a distinct purely-rice sake with a good balance of typically traditional full flavor and acidity. The golden color of this sake delights the eye as well.

Matching dishes
Japanese dish: meat, grilled fish, nabe pot dish
Feature: Unique flavor of Yamahai-Junmai-shu synergistically brings out of the taste of dishes.
Other than Japanese dishes: Chinese dishes, meat dishes
Feature: This sake is very acidic and complements various dishes.
(2)TENGUMAI Yamahai-Junmai Daiginjo
Rice brand: Yamadanishiki Polished rate:45%
Serving temperature: cold to room temperature

Yamadanishiki, the sake rice most suitable to brew Daiginjo type sake is polished carefully at our brewery and is brewed by very experienced sake masters using pure cold subsoil water. It gives a delicate aroma of Daiginjo and a taste of high quality rice. You could feel pleasantly tipsy with this sake.

Matching dishes
Japanese dishes: Sashimi and most other Japanese dishes
Feature: Rich taste and modest acidity matches meals
Other than Japanese dishes: Seafood
Feature: It complements the taste of seafood


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